The For Less Guides apps are specifically designed for tourists looking for a no hassle, convenient way of exploring major international cities without incurring any data-roaming charges. They feature a fully searchable offline street map, an official and interactive public transport map and a travel guide to the best tourist attractions in the area. Also included is access to hundreds of discounts at top attractions in the city as well as having no interruptions from adverts.

The apps are available on both iOS and Android for popular cities worldwide including, London, New York, San Francisco, Paris & Amsterdam. Each city guide is also translated into Spanish, German, Italian and French for international tourists, making For Less Guides the go-to app for travel planning.

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Over 4.5 million of our London and New York ‘for less’ maps are printed annually and given out by the concierge at over 850 hotels and other tourist partners across both cities. As well as being detailed streets maps enabling customers to get around the respective cities, they are also unique in having valuable 20% discounts at popular attractions and restaurants for up to 6 people.

We also produce traditional city maps to over 50 destinations worldwide, containing a complete street index and underground/transport map on their reverse . Used by Tour operators around the globe as added value, they provide invaluable orientation for their customers.

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